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Why We Started

My name is Ulanc (Oolana).  I'm a mother to 4 bright children. My third child started kindergarten and I quickly added Tylenol to my shopping list. LOL, I know my strengths, and teaching my children isn't one of them.

Those infamous sight words came home in a class newsletter. I thought to myself, "How do I get my son to visually learn these words?" One morning, while getting him dressed for school and putting his watch on his arm, it dawned on me. Combine what he loves with what he needs to learn. I ran to my husband and said, "I got it"! He loved the idea and SIGHT BANDS was born!

Our Mission

Our mission is pretty simple. We want to help children learn to read by using Sight Bands all day long. To achieve this we created a learning tool that is fun and wearable.

Sight Bands work great for moms with young children, teachers, and childcare providers. We strive to assist children in learning to read and encourage them to establish a lifelong love of learning.

Girl with Bookshelves
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