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Includes:  Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4, Unit 5, Unit 6, Unit 7, Unit 8, Unit 9 & Unit 10

How it works:
Step 1: Have you child pick a sight word in the morning. 
Step 2: Place two fingers inside the band on both sides. Stretch the band out and have your child feed his/her hand thru. Once the band reaches your students wrist, let go.
Step 3: Tell your child the sight word
Step 4: Ask your student to repeat the word on their wristband. Point to the word and ask your student, “What does this say?”
Step 5: Watch them reinforce the word by looking at their wristband all day
Step 6: Periodically ask your child, “What does your wristband say?”
Step 7: Remove wristband before bedtime.
Step 8: The next morning, repeat the same word or move onto the next word. Move at your child’s pace.

You will be amazed how fast your little one starts to read!

Bundle Pack

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